Headshot Photo Booth for Conventions

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Headshot Photo Booth for events

Corporate Head Shots at conventions, conferences, meetings or tradeshows is a genius idea. Your guest are already dressed. With our mobile headshot photo booth, we pose, snap and then let your guest email their photos to themselves instantly onsite.

Orlando Event Photography offers high res Corporate Headshots at Conventions,  conferences and Tradeshows. With our Social Media Ipad Kiosk, your guest could email or text their Headshots to themselves instantly. We Provide Props - Suite Jackets in 8 sizes

Corporate Portrait Headshot Photography Booth for Events

Headshot Photo Booth for Headshot Photo Booth for Conferences
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Social Media Sharing & Photo Upload

With our IPad Kiosk, your guest may share their photo instantly onsite at your event. Yes Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text Message their photo onsite at your event.

Orlando HeadShot PhotoBooth
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