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What makes a Conference Photographer good?

Ever have that moment at your conference and see a perfect photo moment then turn and the photographer is right there taking the shot time and time again?

You ever take hours outlining a shot list for your conference and the photographer you hired follows the list perfectly and yet still makes time to catch other important shots?

What if the photographer you hired was a dream to work with, always shows up early, has a great personality and makes your guest laugh and feel very comfortable?

Wouldn't it be awesome if the photographer provided all the photos from your event in 7 days and you email the photographer back instantly thanking the photographer and complimenting how great these photos look?

I am a well seasoned photographer of 20 years and I only shot conferences, conventions, tradeshows, award ceremonies and event photography. You will never see me fumbling with my camera settings hoping I get a good shot, you will not see me changing my camera lens every few minutes (I carry 2 cameras) . All your images will be bright, colorful and sharp!

You ever hired a photographer and received your photos and they were to dark, a bad yellow tint or just out of focus?

You ever hired a photographer and they were just hard to work with and did not take to changes well?

You ever hire a photographer and it took weeks sometimes months to receive your photos?

Let me be that breath of fresh air for you!



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